Purpose of the Product Management Education Blog

About 20 years ago when I first started using computers, websites and app designs would leave me so frustrated. I would rant at length about the variety of problems they should solve for and how to do so succinctly. I did not know this was the work of product teams, specifically user researchers, UI designers, engineers, and product managers.

Present day, I find that I spent the last five-plus years building skills in user research and UX design, product development support, and product and program launches. While my job title may have been "Program Manager" or "Project Manager" I've always identified as the team member who gets to the heart of problems, connects with the people affected, and designs and implements solutions. Now, I'm committing to become a product team leader. I'm not worried about a specific title, but I want people who meet me and hear about me to know, professionally that I'm a top shelf product manager. 

In order to do that, I've got more to learn (as always!) and I'm keeping track of it here. I'm promising that once per week I'm going to:

  1. Post about a product article (could be design, development, growth, and beyond)
  2. Connect it to my work and pull out salient points, generally
  3. Make a running list of practices, habits of mind, and skills to revisit
  4. Hold myself accountable for learning, growing, and applying this work

But, above all, the problem I'm solving with this blog is to share one way to educate and connect personal growth to the Product Management field at large. So, I will check-in on the learning and professional growth problems people have and adjust the blog accordingly to better solve for that. First thing first -- build an audience and connect with them. Content is king, so let's get going.