Connecting the World + Education

Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have been pushing global connectivity a lot recently.  From a skeptical perspective, one could say that global connectivity is a way to access to new pockets of revenue, hence the three companies above are pushing for it. Why wouldn't they want 5B more people to access the internet? 

From an honest perspective, global connectivity should have a great impact on education, economic empowerment, and more.  Access to information could be like breathing clean air or drinking fresh water for the first time.  But, it cannot happen without a supportive culture that ensure quality information reaches its people and that people have substantial freedoms.  With access to information, generally come those freedoms, as knowledge can spread like wildfire.  Unless, the government or culture suppresses it. 

Lately, I've been using Riffiti, a video Q+A app. I've found it to be a great way to gain perspective and keep in mind global differences and similarities. It leaves me with a few questions:
Is connectivity enough to ensure education equality? How much does connecting the world matter in education? What does a country like India need other than connectivity to improve education? How do we create relevant tools to ensure we create effective products in previously underconnected places?

What are your thoughts?  Reply with your opinion, resources, and other ideas about this issue.  Also, feel free to download and try Riffiti.  It's fun and educational.