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I have found the more I look for things, the more I learn.  Google figured this out years ago, hence they run the way we understand the planet (mostly).  At times, I look into organizations and job opportunities within them, and I find out far more than I could ever expect.  Here are some of my interactions below.

Boomerang by Baydin
Alex Moore, Moah Aye, and Mike Chin have created an app and browser extension that turns Gmail and Outlook into email that works for you.  The Boomerang team helps users manage what emails they get, so you get emails when and where you want them so you can actually use them. I recently interviewed with their team, and learned that how they learned to run and grow a profitable, successful business.

Silicon valley has a tradition of build fast-break quick-fix it practices.  Maybe it's because Baydin comes from the Northeast that they have adapted their build approach.  Deliberate and well-crafted are just two ways to describe how they build products.  Alex Moore, Baydin's CEO, mentioned, "[Boomerang] is in people's Gmail; we can't give them something that's going to break."  For Facebook, it's okay build-break-fix quick because rarely is business affected.  Boomerang needs to function at a high level at all times, so this approach wouldn't work. After 6 years, Baydin is remarkably profitable and growing quickly.  

What I've learned: You don't have to constantly make something brand new with all the bells and whistles of the time. Boomerang has never been pretentious, and it hasn't tried to be everything to everyone. It serves hundreds of thousands of users very well, and might not scale to ever email user in the world. But that's okay. Boomerang and its subsequent calendar function are two wonderfully made products that will find continued success.  

Thanks to the Baydin team for the chance to interview -- best wishes for future success!

Tyler J. RichendollarComment