Thoughts on Education and Design Thinking


In June 2014, I wrote an article that appeared in the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal.  After working with education programs for 10 years, I realized what made the best ones most successful -- they approached education like design thinkers.  Spring 2014 I was working on a course through +Acumen to apply design thinking and human centered design to big social problems.  After reading through Stanford's D.School's Bootcamp Bootleg for design thinking, it dovetailed perfectly with effective, human-centered design for education programs. Check out the article above. FYI-- TL;DR design thinking is needed to reform education, and non-traditional programs will either be better incorporated into daily education and it could even take over education as we know it.  

One last note, my colleague, Rich Sedmak of School Yard Ventures, believes in this, too.  Check out his work in the Greater Philadelphia Area.