My Other Blogs

Writing is a lot of fun, and it's great exercise.  But more than being fun for you, it should be fun for readers, too.  Since 2006, I've put together a couple blogs that you can check out below.  I don't pay much attention to them anymore, mostly because of the way other platforms have made them less accessible (read-- Instagram and EyeEm are now my photoblogs and Tradingview is my finance blog).  But, if you want a look into my thought process and interests, feel free to visit! - My photoblog dating back to 2006 shows off some long-standing and upcoming neighborhoods in Philadelphia, PA.  My prediction that visual blogging would be extremely important/valuable was accurate, especially the use of large tiles for a mobile-first approach.  Had I known how to make apps and code, I would have loved to make something like Instagram...who wouldn't have?  - To say that I really like financial analysis, especially of stocks and currencies, is an understatement.  It started in 1997 when my class took the stock market challenge.  With little guidance, I had my butt handed to me-- we lost horribly.  That just made me more interested in finance. Now, security and macroeconomic analysis is one of my favorite pastimes. It has helped make some friends some serious bank.